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Our Services

vCTO [ Virtual CTO ]

Budding start-ups as well as mid-size businesses lack software expertise. As early businesses do not have the bandwidth to onboard a CTO and invest extensively into technology, we step-in and become their tech enablers. Our aim is to empower such organisations with IT strategies including but not limited to Tech Stack selection, Vendors as well as Test Planning. With our end-to-end tech solutions, you can be rest assured that your tech fulfilment will be at its finest.

Web App development

Our team of expert web developers help you develop a user-friendly UI/UX design that will not only increase customer stickiness but also help you increase sales. We ensure that the application is optimized on performance as well as high responsiveness. Our team is proficient in modern languages such as React Js, Angular Js and HTML -5 to name a few. We ensure that the website is not only eye-pleasing but also captures important metrics for analytical and issue management purposes.

Mobile App development

In today’s App first approach where every business is migrating towards a Mobile App to enhance sales and reach out to their customers, it has become pivotal to curate a seamless experience for the end users. On the other hand, developing a mobile app has its own constraints such as space, connectivity, adaptability and environment to name a few. Our app development experts understand your requirement basis which they offer end to end solutions that would also mitigate any future issues that may arise. Moreover, we also setup analytical metrics that will help you understand your app performance to a granular level which will enable you to make key business decisions.

Analytics Solutions

The amount of data that is being generated through various sources has doubled over the past decade but the primary challenge that most businesses face today is to comprehend what the data is trying to communicate to you. Our cost-effective solutions based on an open-source technologies assist you in devising meaningful reports at the click of a button.

IoT Solutions

Internet of things has seamlessly integrated into the lives of every individual and it will continue to become a key component of our daily lives. As business, one can serve as many customers via this channel and we as your tech enablers will ensure that your services are optimized on the go. Our team of experts will develop a realistic solution for your IoT business that you can mould according to your preference.

ERP/SRP Consultation

Amazon Web Services has given a boost to plethora of organisations that now want to capitalise on cloud solutions. However, due to lack of knowledge about how the entire system works, such businesses end up paying high costs for these deployments. Our aim is to safeguard your interest and ensure that you get the best out of cloud solutions without creating a dent in your wallet. .

CTAudit Box- For OOH Auditing

As an OOH media owner, your primary focus is on engaging your target audience and drive results out of that engagement. However, there are factors such as electricity and lighting situations that can make or break your OOH campaign. Our state-of-the-art solution will enable you to access your hoarding remotely as well as capture and share images of your hoarding in real-time. The CTAudit Box monitors the lighting and you can also set situational alerts to get notified about any issue.


  • Custom Made Designs
  • Latest Design Trends
  • Interchangeable Design Elements

Callman- Call center on your mobile

The world is changing rapidly and time is of essence; as a business, it is of utmost importance that you utilise your time and resources to the fullest in order to produce optimal results. One component of the overall call centre strategy is training your resources to overcome obstacles and increase sales, however, providing them with the right arsenal ensures that they can meet their targets every time. Migrating your call center on mobile means your resources can work from anywhere and get more work done. Additionally, your customers can be catered to around the clock which would increase your Customer Satisfaction Score.

  • Master Call Tracking
  • Cloud Storage
  • Scheduled Call Alarms
  • Realtime & Historic Reports
  • Audit Trail
  • Inbuilt Attendance
  • Location Tracking
  • Proved Productivity


Gone are the days when coordinating between your frontline personnel and you was a difficult task; with our Entman software, we can move the entire process online with the click of a button. You can track your employees' real-time location to better assign them work based on their current location and monitor their work with real-time inputs and status updates. You can also check attendance and manage expenses, as well as receive a timely reminder of AMC due from clients. You won't have to worry about language barriers with our multilingual support.

  • Offline Support
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • Multi vendor support
  • Realtime Employee Tracking via Map
  • Realtime Task Tracking and Status Updates
  • AMC due reminders
  • Realtime Estimate and Billing (to customer also)
  • Attendance management
  • Expenses tracking

Shikana Mkono - Efris Integration Platform

As a business, speed and efficiency, productivity and proficiency are the major components that would make or break your business and hence we bring to your Shikana Mkono that can be integrated within 5 – 10 seconds via an API and is ready to be used. Now bulk upload your invoices in a go and save time and energy. This plug and play software comes with a 98% accuracy and is an industry leader helping various businesses to swiftly process their tasks.

  • Product Creation
  • Purchase Reconciliation and controlling at middleware
  • Manufacturing & Stock adjustment supported
  • Purchase
  • Sales Invoice
  • Credit & Debit Note
  • Credit & Debit Note cancellation

Delivery Challan

It is painstaking to track each and every item manually and often you end up either misplacing items or there is a pilferage during the delivery process which ends up making a dent in your wallet. With our delivery challan software, you can track all your goods movement seamlessly and also extract a master report to get a bird’s eye view on the entire operation. This report will also help you conduct granular level analysis in order to optimise your process.

  • Track Goods Movement on Your Fingertips
  • Seamless Mismatch Identification
  • Missing/ Due Deliveries Alert
  • Reduced Material Loss
  • Loss Analysis
  • Know Your Process Loss
  • Enhanced Vendor Selection Based on Process Loss
  • Accuracy Of Delivery
  • Vendor/ Item-wise Reports
  • Simplify Payment Calculations

Parameters for choosing an IT Vendor

In a technologically forward world, it is of paramount importance that your IT vendor supports you throughout your journey and beyond and acts not as a vendor but a part of your team. Myriad of businesses are suffering productivity dips due to incompetent vendors. Moreover, they even burn more cash but do not deliver satisfactory results.

Answer to above question is :

In order to avoid associating with the wrong vendor, we highly recommend you to get your IT basics right. Be it a mammoth or a modest organisation, your vendor must be process oriented. We have devised a checklist to simplify your selection process.

Document Checklist:

  • Requirement document
  • Technical document
  • NFR
  • Test case suit
  • Database design (ERD)
  • Support document(Nice to have)
  • Build process
  • Code versioning system

Access to Key accounts

  • Domain name
  • play store account
  • code repository(BitBucket)
  • Server details
  • database password
  • Communication Functionality
  • License details

Hygiene Factor

  • Log management
  • Static code analyser
  • Google Analytics
  • Crash/Issue Tracking Mechanism for Mobile App or Web (Functional &Technical)
  • Load time Analyser
  • Site/ App Live Status Tool
  • Build mechanism

"I extend my compliments to Cabbage soft for the quality & quick delivery of EFRIS integration projects. Excellent support by their team in our time zone.

Hemal Patel
(V. G. Keshwala & Sons Ltd.)

"As responsible citizens & taxpayers of Uganda, we decided to integrate our system with EFRIS. On high recommendations, we engaged Cabbage soft as our technology partner. We can gladly say that we are extremely satisfied with our choice of partner and highly recommend them. So far we have smoothly generated more than 10,000 invoices using their system".

Hiren Mer
(Nile Breweries Limited)

Our Clients


Nirav Shah Founder

"Our founder boasts over 19 years of experience in software development and providing solutions to various tech issues. Nirav has worked with companies such as Oracle Finance, Future Group, Reliance, Rummy Circle to name a few. Given his diverse experience and portfolio, he has delivered large scale applications and business solutions to various companies till date. "

Megha Shah HR & Finance

" A gold medallist in accounting, Megha has 13 years of experience in the Finance and HR domain. She has worked with ABB Ltd and Media Maggi and offered them solutions on finance and HR front. Attention to detail and adhering to project timelines are her forte. "

Dinesh Suthar Devlopment Head

" Dinesh specialises in website development and is highly skilled in languages such as HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. He has expertise in creating responsive as well as interactive website for clients. Armed with writing well designed test tables and efficient codes by using the best software development tools and practices, he is known for his industry defining approach that ensures the website meets your requirement. "

Kunal ParikhHead - Web

"Kunal has rich experience in website development as he heads our web team. He strongly believes in solving customer problems that give them value for their money invested."

"Krishna's meticulous attention to detail and precision ensure that each mobile app he develops is feature-rich, user-friendly, and interactive. His key strengths are mobile apps and backends, and he also knows how to code in a variety of languages."

Tushar Kanojiya Head - Backened

"Tushar heads the backend development and primarily looks into server-side deployment. He boasts expertise in developing backend APIs that seamlessly integrate into the software."

"A BSc major, Suryasen is a full stack developer with a history of working in information technology and services industry. Skilled in Python, PHP, React, Next Js, Java, Flask, Django and MongoDB, his ability to develop and deliver what the customer requires is unmatchable"

Santosh Yadav.Software Developer

"One of our crucial team members, Santosh has a vast knowledge base as well as experience of various coding languages like PHP, HTML5 and JavaScript. A quick learner, he can grasp new software and technologies efficiently and in no time. "

Abhijeet Agrawal.Software Tester

"A major component post production before the software is ready to go live is testing and there is no one better than Abhijeet to fulfil this task. A manual tester, he is skilled in understanding and analysing the test requirements as well as working on preparation of test plans, test cases and their execution and lastly reporting bugs. "