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Route Sales (Van Sales)

This application enables on field salesperson to generate e-Invoice and Sales order which is connected to EFRIS (URA) and Tally (your accounting system) also. URA provides EFD machine which has lots of short comings which is taken care in this application.


  • 3 Click Invoice
  • E-Invoice Back to Tally
  • Interchangeable Design element
  • Mobile and Web Based
  • Offline Mode

  • Device Level Security
  • Easy to Use
  • Stock and Price Control(limit) with Admin
  • Instant and Easy Report

Shikana Mkono

Efris Integration Platform

As a business, speed and efficiency, productivity and proficiency are the major components that would make or break your business and hence we bring to your Shikana Mkono that can be integrated within 5 – 10 seconds via an API and is ready to be used. Now bulk upload your invoices in a go and save time and energy. This plug and play software comes with a 98% accuracy and is an industry leader helping various businesses to swiftly process their tasks.


  • Sales Invoice
  • Credit and Debit Note
  • Product Creation and
  • Manufacturing and Stock adjustment

  • Purchase
  • Purchase Reconciliation and Controlling at Middleware
  • Credit and Debit Note Cancellation


Gone are the days when coordinating between your frontline personnel and you was a difficult task; with our Entman software, we can move the entire process online with the click of a button. You can track your employees' real-time location to better assign them work based on their current location and monitor their work with real-time inputs and status updates. You can also check attendance and manage expenses, as well as receive a timely reminder of AMC due from clients. You won't have to worry about language barriers with our multilingual support.


  • Multi Vendor Support
  • AMC Due Reminders realtime
  • Employee Tracking via Map
  • Realtime Estimate And Billing (To Customer Also)

  • Offline Support
  • Multi Lingual Support
  • Expenses Tracking
  • Attendance Management

Delivery Challan

Delivery Challan It is painstaking to track each and every item manually and often you end up either misplacing items or there is a pilferage during the delivery process which ends up making a dent in your wallet. With our delivery challan software, you can track all your goods movement seamlessly and also extract a master report to get a bird’s eye view on the entire operation. This report will also help you conduct granular level analysis in order to optimise your process.


  • Track goods
  • Seamless Mismatch Identification
  • Missing/ Due Deliveries Alert
  • Reduced Material Loss
  • Loss Analysis

  • Know Your Process Loss
  • Enhanced Vendor Selection Based on Process Loss
  • Accuracy Of Delivery
  • Vendor/ Item-wise Reports
  • Simplify Payment Calculations

EFD to Tally

URA provides EFD (Electronic Fiscal Device) for salesman on the field to generate e-Invoice but that eInvoice is not pulled back to Tally or any accounting system. which creates extra overhead for company to create invoice in Tally or accounting system again.

Our solution provides pull back functionality for tally or any accounting system


  • Avoid Duplicate of Work
  • Possibility of missing some of the invoices can be avoided

  • Duplicate Work creates manual error which can be avoided
  • Saves Men Power


URA has imposed that every company has to generate E-invoicing where as its very difficult for small and medium company to implement full accounting system. We have come up with solution which is mobile app and web based solution where you can fullfil all URA requirements like:
  • Validate TIN ( Buyer validation)
  • Purchase ( Book purchase using FDN no you can pull invoice details also)
  • Sales
  • Credit Note
  • Stock Adjustment


  • No need to open EFRIS Portal which is very slow and take slots of time
  • Possibility of missing some of the invoices can be avoided

  • Easy to Use
  • It can work in Offline Mode also

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